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13 October 2015 wasn’t a Friday but may have been for Maps Maponyane who tweeted: “I just read that the word ‘Xhosa’ is derived from the Khoisan language and means ‘angry men’. It makes sense.”

It ignited outrage. Maps received 40 000 tweets within 1 hour or 11 tweets per second! He was trending for all the wrong reasons.

Dianne Kohler Barnard suffered a similar fate when she endorsed a facebook post by Paul Kirk.

This type of ‘Mapterbation’ would not have happened if simple rules were followed:

Your intent must be wholesome, reach out and engage NOT outrage your audience.
Share only valuable content with your follower.
Tweet and Facebook in your own voice. If you are a public figure, your voice belongs to the entity you are aligned with, ALWAYS.
Connect with the right people and cultivate relationships.

Because sorry or deleting your posts just ain't good enough!!!

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