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Let’s Dive In and Consider The Exponential Component Of Exposure

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform. Its an unexplored ocean of media and is South African’s fastest growing social network!
The average user has 130 friends, that’s a lot of friends if you consider the exponential component of exposure be it good or bad for business.

Let’s focus on the BAD for business because the good for business is well….GREAT!!!
So, what are clients, service providers and employees really writing about you?
Are you able to respond or did you get to know about it from the grapevine?
If you are able to respond, do you breach the sanctity of inclusiveness, and get emotive?
If via the grapevine, do you take your time to consider the reason why this is brought to your attention?

The Social Media Ocean Beautiful or Frightening place?
Please consider a restaurant review I read. (I found it persuasive):
“What a disappointment. We wanted to end our holiday on high note, it did not happen. I ordered prawns, the result: tough, overcooked, inedible. I only ate 4 out of 8 small prawns, left the rest on my plate. At the end of the meal, neither the owner nor manager asked what our meal was like. It was noticeable that the owner and manager kept going on the balcony to enjoy shooters together. If only either of them cared as much about their patrons.”
Okay, (I thought) so we won’t order the prawns but its obviously spectacular for sundowners….Until, I read the owner’s reply:
“Dear Guest, after having served over 400 interesting guests who enjoyed themselves, our evening ends with garbage like this. My manager noted that you had not finished your prawns and asked if your meal was alright, to which you replied yes. All the while, with your partner reclining on the seat like he was on the beach on his cell, constructing this review. Big smiles all around, nice people!!! Not. You don't need to take out your shallow existence on restaurateurs that have worked hard all day, do the right thing and go for therapy.”
Would you venture to this restaurant? More importantly, is this how you would like to come across on Social Media?

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