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What you know:
it is well known that to obtain organisational rights in the workplace, a trade union must have the requisite numbers.

What you don't know:
What is not well known is that the proposed amendments to the Labour Relations Act (LRA) allows a commissioner to consider other proponents of your workforce, including, non-standard employees such as part-time workers and fixed-term contract employees. Previously, these workers did not enjoy these rights and were overlooked. Also , employees engaged by a temporary employment service (TES) may be regarded as forming part of the workplace either of the temporary employment service or of the client where they work.

What this means for your business:
This means that organisational rights may be granted to a trade union who ordinarily would not have had the requisite numbers considered for organisational rights.

We are ready to prepare you for the consequences the proposed amendments to the LRA will have on your business.

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